Winter Cometh

This is what greeted me on my way to work in the scale house this morning. It means no picking corn today.20181014_092640

This is our old milk house.  The chimney vents the sauna stove.  Yes, that is right, an old time sauna with heated rocks and buckets of water.


I guess this means an end to the swimming season.


But at least the frost and snow has stopped the Invasion of the Wild Cucumber.


So what to do?  Why not a walk around the block?  (My block is seven miles around)

Skunk, The Cat will follow us for at least a mile.

Scooter loves the snow.  He also loves pheasants, who are not so hot on him.


I never tire of prairie views.


We take our time and two hours later we are almost home and it is still snowing.20181014_115035

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  1. Looks like winter is sneaking up on you. I’m glad you got outside and took some pictures of the snowy landscape to share. I also had a back cat that would go on walks with me and the dogs- it still strikes me as un-catlike.

  2. That prairie looks desolate, but oh so inviting for walks! In the mid 80s today in CA, and air dry as a bone. Nope, not trading it for snow or even fall foliage. Lived in Maine as a kid when snowed in and no school was pure happiness! 🤣Keeping the Nor’east memories,☃️ but staying in SoCAL. ☀️ Christine

  3. We got our first freeze last night, but so far the snow is only at higher elevations. We used to have a cat that would follow us on our walks – to a point. Enjoy the sauna! I miss my hot tub sometimes.

  4. I miss the high prairies of eastern Colorado. Right now I live in the Tennessee mountains where the vegetation takes over almost all of the would-be beautiful scenes that could be here.

  5. I’m sitting here wondering how much work I can get done this morning before our first real front hits. It’s currently 82 degrees here on the coast, and 29 degrees in Amarillo. Somewhere between here and there, your northern air is on the move. The good? Lower AC bills. The bad? Higher heating bills. I still resent that we mostly get cold without snow. If we’re going to suffer in freezing temperatures, we at least ought to get snow.

    1. When I tell my friends from the south that I walk every day regardless of weather, they ask how it is possible to be out and about at -30ºF. The thing is, I have been out and about when it is 30ºF (above) on the coasts of Texas and frankly, I would rather deal with a dry 30 below than a humid thirty above.

      I recall spending some time in The Big Bend National Park and being able to drive uphill to snow and downhill to warmer climes, I liked that a lot. 🙂

      1. Oh, yes. When we get an east wind blowing in across the bay in winter, and it’s laden with that moisture, it’s absolutely gruesome. A nice, strong Canadian front? Perfect. For one thing, with no humidity the stars and the lights around the bay are gorgeous.

    1. Winter is coming. I wish we could avoid it this year, but my wife is still working and she would die of jealousy if Scooter and I took off for the beach. We might die of something else when we returned.

    1. We could use some 80º heat and a bit of wind to dry the fields out. We had a big tractor stuck on Saturday. The tractor had treads, not wheels. Think about what that takes to get stuck and think about what it takes to get it unstuck. 🙂

  6. Nice set of photos – I feel I now have a much better feel of your home patch. It’s still relatively warm here in UK, but I suspect it won’t be too long before we get some of the same weather.

    1. I always thought that England and Ireland were relatively warm – then I dove into the Atlantic and got an instant idea of the average temperature. Uff-da!

  7. Picked up 2 – 3 inches here in Northern Colorado last night. Still, winters here are far milder than in western Michigan, where the lake effect snow is brutal, and the gray skies linger for months.

    1. From what I have seen of Colorado winters, you get a foot of snow in two hours…and it is gone in two days. I have spent a bit of time around Holland Michigan in the winter. Long enough to see the sun once. 🙂

      1. We lived just outside Grand Rapids, only a handful of miles from Holland. As a person with Seasonal Affective Disorder, winters were torture. Here, as you say, what snow we get melts off quickly…a typical winter day is sunny and 50 degrees. I’m a whole nother person.

  8. My daughter sent me a photo of the snow on her deck in Minneapolis. Looks pretty but glad it’s tgete and not here!

    1. So they got it up there too? Sometimes the storms track I-90 off the prairie. Even though we are 100 miles south of the cities, we have gotten smacked by blizzards while they saw nary a flake.

  9. Can think of nothing nicer than a long walk with friends, finishing with unpeeling clothes and muddy boots to have a sauna.
    Each season has it’s blessings.
    Except of course that wild cucumber and mozzies!

    1. I worry about the friends sometimes. We have six barn cats and some days, I have an entourage following me. They will follow me for a mile or two before turning back – but this is coyote and pickup truck country, yet we haven’t lost one.

  10. So great to be out walking in the falling snow. And now, just shy of 6 pm, it’s gone and ghosted to puddles and blackened dirt!

  11. what a beautiful walk! no snow here yet, but finally got to turn the AC off two days ago – and now actually need to furnace on! lol!

  12. What a nice walk. I love that milk house. We once stayed at a place in Canada that had a sauna stove. After you would swing on a rope and drop into ice cold water. Refreshing.

  13. Ah, the flatlands of the midwest. I spent the vast majority of my married life there. It has its own beauty just like the mountains or the shore. But, you can darn well keep that snow right there with you. I’m not ready, but I don’t think Mother Nature cares. It was 32° this morning at 5:30 when I put the coffee on. 🙂

    1. I love the prairie – but am loving winter less and less. Minnesotans of a certain age remember the great Halloween blizzard of 1991. I hope we are not headed there.

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