Winter Cometh

This is what greeted me on my way to work in the scale house this morning. It means no picking corn today.20181014_092640

This is our old milk house.  The chimney vents the sauna stove.  Yes, that is right, an old time sauna with heated rocks and buckets of water.


I guess this means an end to the swimming season.


But at least the frost and snow has stopped the Invasion of the Wild Cucumber.


So what to do?  Why not a walk around the block?  (My block is seven miles around)

Skunk, The Cat will follow us for at least a mile.

Scooter loves the snow.  He also loves pheasants, who are not so hot on him.


I never tire of prairie views.


We take our time and two hours later we are almost home and it is still snowing.20181014_115035

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