My Stuff Writing Challenge: My Pyracantha Tree

I have never written about a plant. I tried once when I wrote about watering household plants. It turned out they were all plastic – but I like what Deborah writes about in today’s My Stuff Writing Challenge, the struggle between Mother Nature’s children. Enjoy…

Notes Tied On The Sagebrush

We started doing some landscaping of our property last year. We had the help of a contractor which is good because neither my husband or myself are handy that way. There is a small section in the backyard, that once was lawn, where I wanted to have something low maintenance and drought tolerant. I did not want to have to hire a gardener again or mow and water a lawn. So for the small plot in the back, I picked out ground cover , and my husband and I chose plants, and some fruit trees to add to the succulents and trees that were already there. We put in more succulents, sage, and few other flowering plants. I planted the woolly thyme ground cover myself. On the whole, everything we planted seems to be doing well. Some of the trees and bushes in our backyard were already there when we…

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