Not Today, Scooter

Every day, Scooter and I walk around the block regardless of weather. Our block is seven miles around and it is a rare day we stay home.

Today is one of those days.

20190224_080511Scooter does not understand.

My wife thinks it is a great day to be outside too. She wants me to dig out the camper, so we can head for Port Aransas, Tx.

20190224_080335Just getting to the snowblower means digging through four foot drifts.

20190224_081555Our road didn’t look too bad. Until we encountered a six foot drift.

20190224_081703At least the sun is shining, but don’t be fooled. The wind is gusting up to 40 mph dropping the windchill to -15°F.

20190224_081709More winter scenes

20190224_083809It might be a good time to knock down the hornet nest in the milk house. I doubt they will be out and about but I am not sure I want to climb over drifts to get there.

And here are sun dogs from earlier this winter – just because.



Update: No one is going to work this morning.  MNDOT has locked the blizzard gates and piled up snow to block the entrance ramps to I-90 and I-35 in our region.  It is strictly no-go.  The National Guard has been called up to rescue stranded drivers and assist in 911 calls.

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    1. It is only half gone. The snow banks stand like white islands in sea of brown grass. We don’t expect to see open water in our pond for another two weeks and the ditches will be clogged with snow until late April. In June, it will not be unusual to find snow and ice on north facing cliffs.

      A friend of mine works for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT). Every year they have a contest to guess the date when the mound of snow created by the plows in their parking lot will be finally gone. This year, the money is on July.

    1. Scooter had a nice bed in the shed. I built a frame that holds two bales of straw and he curls up there with the barn cats. When it got really cold two weeks ago -70°F windchill, I brought him inside, but it was too warm for him and he wanted back our.

    1. Looking out at the 15 day forecast, I don’t see anything above freezing. It is going to be spring that don’t look too much like spring. The farmers are grumbling about a late planting….sure wouldn’t want to be one of them with crops still in the field. There is a bit of that.

  1. Despite what Scooter thinks, it is definitely a day to stay inside! I’m sorry your trip is being postponed, but hopefully it will either melt off or the highways will be cleared in a few days. Dang, that’s a snow storm….I hope the people stranded in their cars are rescued quickly.

    1. MNDOT says it will take over a week to clear the freeways, shoulder to shoulder. For now, it is one lane in each direction. Yesterday, a National Guard tracked vehicle got stuck in Southeast Minnesota. Glad I don’t have to help free that thing.

  2. Northern Maine has had record snowfalls this winter, but where I live in eastern Maine, almost every storm has been ‘mixed precipitation.’ We have scraped and shoveled more ice this winter than snow! I think you’ve made a good decision to stay put today with Scooter.

  3. OK, that’s bad. Reminds me of winters growing up on the southwestern Minnesota prairie.

    Tie a rope around your waist and to the house door if you venture to the milkhouse to deal with that hornet’s nest.

    1. Hey, let’s get modern. Only precise GPS coordinates of both the milk house and the front door are required. No need for a rope – but good batteries are essential.

  4. Drifts are beautiful… from inside a warm house. Don’t blame you for not wanting to go out. We were due for some snow but ended up with sleet instead. Cold winds are coming in tonight though.

  5. Now that is what I call snow. I’m perfectly happy to take our weather in Uk at the moment. As another of your followers said, thank goodness for the Gulf Stream.

  6. Oh, my. There’s just nothing to say, except that I wish you an early spring. Let’s see — what would that be? Maybe temperatures slightly above freezing and a slow melt? Never mind the hornets. They flew to Port A and are happily buzzing around the spilled Margaritas.

  7. Crazy dogs. Sterling should have been a musher. After his walk – which he does bounding through the deepest parts of the snow – he lies down in a snow pile in front of the garage. Dog bed? I don’t need no stinkin’ dog bed!

    1. I once tried to bring Scooter in on a bitterly cold day, he couldn’t wait to get back out. It was too warm for him inside. I made him a 3’X4′ wooden frame and filled it with straw. He loves that.

  8. As I read this the sun is lifting on a predicted mid 30sC day, so I’ll send you some of that warmth and pretend I’ve a snowball in my hands.
    Dogs are insane when it comes to walks.
    Gorgeous photos☺

  9. I just got pictures from my brother’s neighbor in Iowa. My brother is spending a few weeks in FL. Looks like he picked a good time to go. I think Scooter can stay home today.

  10. Oh my, that’s a lot of snow! I think you should just stay inside… except maybe for that hornet’s nest. 🙂 Beautiful photos even though they make my back hurt and toes cold just looking at them.

    1. I might go for a short walk with.Scooter later in the day. He loves the snow and we will definitely not be out tomorrow, the windchill is predicted to hit -50°F. Even going full Carhartt, that’s too cold for me.

  11. Minnesota today: beautiful, but deadly.
    I’m delaying getting out the snowblower for the driveway, until the wind dies down. Don’t have to be anywhere today, and not sure where (the hell!) I’d put the snow, anyhow. Drifts higher than I’ve ever seen ’em in my 20 years here.

    1. Remember that -70°F night of January 29th? Julie and I were driving home and bottomed out on a snowdrift a half mile up the road. We have a four-wheel drive truck but that didn’t help at all. I froze my earlobes walking 100 yards to a neighbor’s house for help. Our neighbors pulled us out, but it could have been deadly.

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