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A Generous Helping

We’ve all heard the expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” It’s a rather absurd notion – not because of its veracity, but because of a lack of alternate windows. As if one could discern intent through an open mouth or wide nostril. Just look at the face. What social cue could you ever glean from its other orifices? Without the look me in the eye mother-son interaction, I can picture a young mother staring into her son’s ear to discover truth like a scientist into a microscope.

Take the literal interpretation and my general silliness away, I get the allusion. They eyes are amazing in what they can relay nonverbally. In fact, I got smacked by several sets of eyes very recently.

This month is September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I knew that before, but now that I work for CURE Childhood Cancer, I really…

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8 thoughts on “September Eyes”

  1. For those who have never walked into a room filled with children being treated for cancer, there are no words. For those who have, words aren’t necessary.

  2. Sobering post but a reality of life today. We have come so far and yet there are so many things like cancer research where we have a lot further to go. I pray someday children won’t be touched by this disease at all. Thank you for sharing and reminding us on this Wednesday, September 20, 2017, what is really important and worth worrying about.

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