My Stuff Writing Challenge

I usually do not host the posts of others because it is just so hard to choose between the many talented writers on WordPress that I follow.  Why would I host one blogger and not another?

But then Lorelle of TRITE EPIPHANIES wrote an essay about her backpack. It reminded me that everything has a story and suddenly the notion of hosting a MY STUFF writing challenge presented itself.

Here is how her post begins:

My backpack is huge and purple and has seen 3 continents. Made for hiking and camping, it’s also perfectly suited for travel. It fits within millimeters of what’s allowed as a carry-on, and the straps fit me so well, it takes several hours of wearing it before I feel burdened.

Before doing much travel, at all, ever, I decided to move to Malaysia. There, I soon realized that I needed a good backpack if I wanted to cheaply take advantage of the amazing weekend trips available to me.

A friend of mine took me into one of the 50+ malls that dot the Kuala Lumpur city-scape with towers, domes, and squares; some extending several stories underground, reaching below the street, and continuing above ground as another tower.

Malaysia takes its malls seriously…

Read the whole thing. My Backpack

So this is my challenge:  Look around you.  Find something of yours that is worth writing about and fashion an essay around it.

Tag your story with MY STUFF and after you publish it and link it back here, I will reblog it (unless there are too many, God forbid)

Each day, I will feature a new challenge post.

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33 thoughts on “My Stuff Writing Challenge”

  1. Is there a time limit on this? Between a sick dog and Easter, I probably won’t be doing a post until Monday. Also, you know I’m not the brightest bulb on the string, but how do I tag a post?

    1. Using the new WordPress editor (the one I never use), click the Post Settings link found on the upper right of the page. A series of links will drop down. Select the Categories and Tags link then type My Stuff in the tags box.

      Using the old WordPress editor found under My Sites/WP Admin, the tag section is found below the main editing box.

      Hope this helps

      Disclaimer: my colleagues repeatedly warned me to avoid any career that required me to write instructions

        1. Okay, I’m so sorry, I read your post wrong. I thought you meant “tag it” to your post, not just tag it, like we usually do. So I’ll give this a shot, do the tag, and hopefully link it to your post…although that’s the part I’m a little unsure about. Do I just put a link in your comment section?

          1. Glad to hear you are going to write something. I am looking forward to reading it.

            The best way to create a link (a ping-back) is to drop a hyper-link somewhere in your post – or just drop a comment on the challenge (like a few of the others) and I will take care of the rest.

  2. hahaha! This is too funny! I just finished writing my post for Sunday and was trigger by a piece of clothing. I hope you enjoy it on Sunday.

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