My Stuff Writing Challenge: My Rhubarb Patch

Maggie Wilson has not only the coolest named blog in the entire blogosphere but she has rhubarb too.

For those of you who just landed here and are scratching your heads at the mention of rhubarb – this is Maggie’s contribution to the My Stuff Writing Challenge.

Since everything has a story, the challenge is to pick an object and tell its tale.

Maggie Wilson Author

Hmm. Brains for Zombies? Click for source

Spring is here! Would you like to know how I know this?

  • Slate Coloured Juncos are poking about, feeding on the ground. Back in Southern Ontario, they would have been a sign of winter, but since they “summer” up here, their arrival is a sign of spring. Confused? Don’t be. The birds (and the bees) have it under control, so we’re good.
  • The pond is beginning to thaw and overflow its banks.
  • I hung a load of bedding out on the line and
  • took down the plastic barrier from the bedroom window to air out the house.

And that squeal of delight just now? The one that shattered your ear drums? That was me. The rhubarb is sprouting!

Oh, how I love stewed rhubarb!

Mention the tart fruit and I’m instantly transported back to my childhood home, back, back, way back to the…

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