Blue Bells

“Grab a shovel.”

“I just grabbed a beer.”

“Put it back in the refrigerator.”



“Blue Bells.”


“We were down by the cemetery and guess what?”



“The Blue Bells are blooming along the river.”

(They look sparse here – but when they bloom in full, the river bottom is carpeted in blue)


“So let’s dig up a truck load…”


“…And replant them along Two Drunk Creek.”

20200521_202012“Maybe we can ask the cats to help.”


“And Scooter too?”

“Sure, why not?”


Skunk is not too sure about Scooter.


The Blue Bells will do well in the shade and rich soil.

On another note:


Two weeks ago, the DNR did a Prescribed Burn on The Minnesota Mosquito Refuge. This is what it looked like last night.


And this is what Scooter looked like last night.

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54 thoughts on “Blue Bells”

  1. Maybe the cats saw you grab the kitty litter boxes and figured, “Hey, it’s all about us! Let’s see what’s happening.”
    That’s some nice looking dark soil. Do local nurseries harvest it?

    1. The Blue Bells seem to be doing fine. As for Scooter, he plays in the mud and ashes every time we walk out to check on the refuge.

  2. FYI Greg are you having any problems with WordPress? I can’t write anything when I open my blog on my laptop. Also can’t open the WordPress site on any device. I was able to post my last post using my phone thank goodness. Trying to figure out what to do.

      1. Possible. Just don’t understand how I can write and post on my mobile devices but not my notebook.

    1. I offered Scooter a beer – but he doesn’t drink craft. He’s a country dog and holds deep loyalties to Bud Lite (and Ford trucks).

  3. I have never lived in a part of the country that supported bluebells. They’re lovely! And I would dig buckets full as well.
    Now I shall go out on a limb and guess the cats were of absolutely no help.

  4. I enjoyed the tour – and it looks like the critters did too!

    By the way, I have soil envy after seeing the dark stuff the bluebells grow in!

    1. Maggie, this is peat ground. The water table is about 1/4 inch below the surface. 🙂 We found a slight rise where the Two Drunks tossed the dirt when they dug the creek.

      In my prescribed burn post, there was a picture of my hay field/pasture. We have not been able to take hay off of it for five years because even a small tractor gets stuck.

          1. Ooo. Ick. I know that in the Netherlands, they can only use the land for grazing because of the moisture and softness of the peat.

    1. This is along the Cedar River, south of Austin. When we lived not far from it’s source in Blooming Prairie, the Blue Bells carpeted the river bottoms every spring, usually around the first week of May.

  5. Love bluebells, such happy wildflowers. Also love happy, muddy dogs (but don’t love it so much when that mud comes inside with them). Love that your cats acts like dogs on a walk with you while you pursue organic rearranging. I think you earned a cold beer.

    1. Like I said downthread, they are our entourage. The neighbor’s get a kick out of it. I guess we have become the cat-people – through no fault of our own.

  6. That sounds like a fun chore. Of course, around here you’d get arrested for disturbing something by digging and introducing a potentially invasive plant by planting.

    Good boy, Scooter!

  7. Do you think Scooter is going to fear hearing ‘grab a shovel ?’ Or will this teach Scooter to always make sure you have an open beer ? Good dog Scooter…

  8. I love seeing the prairie coming back. As for those bluebells: they’re lovely. We have a plant we call bluebells, but they really aren’t. In fact, I didn’t think they even looked like a bell until I realized they do: at least, if you’re willing to see them as tipped-up handbells. Spring is wonderful, and wonderfully varied.

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