The World’s First Boy Meets Girl Story

Adam and EveEVE: Hey, you want an apple?

ADAM: No way.

EVE: Oh go ahead, take it.

ADAM: It’s gross; you already bit into it.

EVE: Chew on the good side, silly.

ADAM: Besides we’re not supposed to raid the apple tree.

EVE: Can I be totally honest with you?

ADAM: Sure?

EVE: I really messed up.  I got talking to a snake and one thing led to another and now I am going to get expelled.

ADAM: It’s what you get for hanging out with a bad crowd.  You see me talking to snakes?

EVE: Is that all you can say?

ADAM: Okay, I am sorry to hear you’re getting kicked out.  I’ll miss you.

EVE: I’ll miss you too – but can you handle being alone again?

ADAM: What? You want me to get expelled with you.

EVE: Yes, bite the apple.

ADAM: Why would I do that?  I like this place.

EVE: It looks like you got two choices, buddy boy.  Either spend eternity alone in paradise or leave with me.

ADAM: I won’t be alone; I’ll have the birds, the bees and the trees.

EVE: Oh, I got something better.

ADAM: What’s that?

EVE: (wink) Ask the birds and the bees.


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