My To-Do List

bucket-list“You need to get organized.”

It is what my wife tells every time I neglect to do something she wants me to do.

She mistakenly believes the reason I avoid doing what I do not want to do is because I am disorganized.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

“I am very organized,” I say in my defense.

“Do you have a to-do list?”

Of course I do.

Here is my list.

Things I must do but avoid doing

Each of these tasks are items rapidly headed toward critical but are not quite there yet.  My definition of critical comes with the companion of regret.  Since I don’t regret neglecting any of these things, they can wait until I do.

  • Call the septic guy to pump out the tank.
    This should have been done in 2016, but they say you have a year or two of grace before the tank overflows into your yard.
  • Renew the license on the truck.
    Since we live on a dirt road, the registration tabs are never legible.  The only time anyone can read them is when I am on pavement and it rains, which rarely happens.
  • Knock down the big hornet’s nest in the milk house.
    It is best to do this when the nest is frozen.  I should have done it last winter but I didn’t.  I successfully avoided going in there all last summer and can possibly do the same this year.

Things I do not want to do, so I avoid doing them

These are the sort of tasks that you bounce off whenever you approach.  I generally steer clear of them because I do not like bouncing off things.

  • Finish painting the living room.
    This is one of those ‘you promised’ things that I never promised.
  • Clean out the shed.
    One of the reason we bought our house is because it came with a big, beautiful pole shed.  The shed is still big and beautiful but only from the outside.  Inside, it is packed with a bewildering collection of stuff, junk and things of dubious origin.  My stuff is stuff, her stuff is junk and the things of dubious origin may or may not be owned by my buddy Stan, but he stores them there anyway.

Things I absolutely refuse to do

  • Clean the cat litter box.
    The cats are not mine. They are hers. Unfortunately we have a conflict here because cleaning the cat box tops her list of things she absolutely refuses to do.  How the box actually gets clean is a mystery. One that neither of us is willing to discuss.  We are stubborn that way.

Things she should do herself because if she counts on me to do them, they will never get done.

  • Call the septic guy.
  • Renew the license on the truck.
  • Knock down the big hornet’s nest.
  • Finish painting the living room.
  • Clean out the shed.
  • And for the love of all that is sacred, clean the cat litter box.
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