Gone Bike’n

We are camping near the headwaters of the Mississippi north of Itasca State Park and yesterday was a town day.  In Park Rapids, my wife gave me the choice between this

20150810_184903and this


Guess which one I chose…

She wanted to go quilt shop hopping, so we agreed to meet in Walker, about thirty miles away. Thirty miles is not that far for me to pedal. I used to commute that distance by bike when I worked for the Minneapolis Police.  One day, I challenge the 53J bus from Chaska to a race – and won.

It was a great day for biking; warm weather and a light wind fragrant with the scent of white and red pine, birch and poplar.


I caught this sumac starting to turn. In a month the trail will be lined with red.


A loon called to me.  The little guy is out there somewhere sounding kind of lonely.


I wish I had a camera.  These were taken with my smart phone, so the colors are washed out and fail to convey the cool deep shade of the woods.


I ended my ride at a bar in Walker…  Life is so good.

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