Gone Bike’n

We are camping near the headwaters of the Mississippi north of Itasca State Park and yesterday was a town day.  In Park Rapids, my wife gave me the choice between this

20150810_184903and this


Guess which one I chose…

She wanted to go quilt shop hopping, so we agreed to meet in Walker, about thirty miles away. Thirty miles is not that far for me to pedal. I used to commute that distance by bike when I worked for the Minneapolis Police.  One day, I challenge the 53J bus from Chaska to a race – and won.

It was a great day for biking; warm weather and a light wind fragrant with the scent of white and red pine, birch and poplar.


I caught this sumac starting to turn. In a month the trail will be lined with red.


A loon called to me.  The little guy is out there somewhere sounding kind of lonely.


I wish I had a camera.  These were taken with my smart phone, so the colors are washed out and fail to convey the cool deep shade of the woods.


I ended my ride at a bar in Walker…  Life is so good.

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13 thoughts on “Gone Bike’n”

  1. I think your photos are just great. There’s something so good for the soul to get out in the woods. We love camping too and always bring our bikes. Looks like a great trail for biking.

  2. Good memories, here. I still have photos of my cousin and I stepping across the headwaters of the Mississippi, and enjoying Itasca generally. Do I envy you? I do. The heat here is unrelenting, and difficult. Some breeze and some shade would be the best. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy them.

  3. Life is SO GOOD, indeed, and living much of it on the seat of a bicycle makes it all the sweeter. You can give me posts like this anytime, anywhere! Safe riding.

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