Ice Storm

Things go bump in the night.

And this was the thing.

Last night’s ice storm brought a lot of unpleasantness; broken branches and downed power lines to name a few.

But it also brought many beautiful things.

So Scooter and I walked around the yard to take it all in.

Since our microwave link to the internet was down (Gosh, I wonder why?)…

…Scooter suggested we take our long walk to check out the neighborhood.

So we did.

Here is the road that the deer hunters use to get back into the Minnesota Mosquito Refuge, but not today.

And here is Five Drunk Creek where the deer hide as they watch the hunters drive by.  We have an understanding.  They leave my apples alone until after the freeze and I don’t tell the hunters where they hide.

A neighbor’s barn.

And a marsh across the way.

This is the silo our internet bounces off.  It’s a mile away across The Refuge. That little antenna on the top is the relay – and it comes from a town five miles away.

And here is the back side of The Refuge, all dressed nicely in ice.

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