Prescribed Burn

Prairies and native grasses love fire, and none like it better than our very own Minnesota Mosquito Refuge.


These guys showed up last week to do a prescribed burn.

With all kinds of cool toys.

They rode along Two Drunk Creek to get on the leeward (downwind) side of the refuge.

Before starting the burn.

It didn’t take long to get the flames going.

But mostly what they got was smoke.

20200507_104822And so did we.

20200507_105447That is my pasture behind the guy with the torch. I wanted them to burn off the thatch – but no can do.  We live in a nation of lawyers.

20200507_105459The guy on the four-wheeler is hosing down what they don’t want to burn and the guy with the torch is lighting what they do.

20200507_105535It is amazing how precise they can be.

20200507_105547Here is a better view.  They went right down the property line.

20200507_110159The question of the day: is that smoke or mosquitoes?

20200507_110518A few small patches had to be handled separately.

20200507_112427Even though the flame went into the trees, there was little sign of damage.

20200507_112659A fire crew remained on hand in case things got dicey.

20200507_112914After the main burn, you can see small peat fires.  These can burn for weeks and in some cases years.

20200509_091227They asked the neighbors to keep an eye out for peat fires, so Scooter and I patrolled Two Drunk Creek the next morning looking for wisps of smoke.

20200509_091354This is what the mosquito refuge looked like in the morning. In three weeks it will be green and fresh.

20200509_092705This is what Scooter looked like at the end of our inspection tour.  It will be more than three weeks before he is clean and fresh.

Disclaimer: No mosquitoes were harmed in the making of this blog entry.


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