My Wife’s Birthday Present

I have not published in a while because I have been busy.  Today is my wife’s birthday and it is an important birthday (but I am not allowed to say which one), so I thought I would do something special.

She enjoys gardening – but her favorite pastime has become less than enjoyable due to knee problems,  so I built her some raised planters.


I had saved some wood from an old deck knowing one day it would come in handy.  That is Scooter supervising.


First I built the ends.


Then the sides.


Next I pieced them together.


After I completed the box, I installed joists and laid down the floor.  This raises the garden to a comfortable height.


While I was installing the railings, someone came by to help.  Twiggy is a stray who wandered into our yard last fall and took up residence in the shed.

She soon returned to work on a project of her own.


This is what she has been up to.  The quintuplets are two weeks old.


After lining it with plastic, I used a two wheel dolly to haul it out to the garden.  The thing weighs a good 200 lbs.


Once in position, I laid drainage tile along the bottom and installed hoses to keep it from filling with water after a heavy rain.


Last of all, I filled the planters with gardening soil and turned them over to my wife.

Update: the rabbits who count on our garden for snacks have informed me that they are not amused – and if you understood how big, burly and thuggish these rabbits are….  well… it is best to keep them amused.

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