Pitching in

How are you faring in quarantine?

Are you doing okay?

Better question: What are you up to?

Around here, we are doing what we can to pitch in. It is just something we do. We pitch in. When the Cedar River floods, people come from miles around to fill and stack sandbags.

When a farmer gets sick, injured or God forbid, dies, the neighbors gather to harvest the crop.

Even when there is no crisis, people pick up trash along the roadside or raise funds for medical research.

Again, it is just something we do.

So this is what we are doing now.


The nursing home where my grand-daughter works ran out of face masks, so we started making them.  The home-made ones are not up to medical standards – but they are better than nothing.  Yesterday, we learned that the nursing home in another town doesn’t have them either, so we are making more. Hopefully, the approved ones will soon be available and our crude attempts will not be necessary.

On the same note, my son’s distillery converted its process to make hand-sanitizer which he and his partner are handing out to their local first responders, hospitals, nursing homes – and the public.  For now, they are simply asking for donations to keep the product flowing.


This weekend, the congressional representative for the district that covers the distillery, Angie Craig, stopped by to hand out sanitizer.


It seems everyone is pitching in.

As for Scooter and I, well, we are still practicing the same social distancing that we have been at for the last six years.


Update: a number of people have asked for the name of the distillery.  It is Loon Liquors in Northfield, MN.

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