Not Today, Scooter

Every day, Scooter and I walk around the block regardless of weather. Our block is seven miles around and it is a rare day we stay home.

Today is one of those days.

20190224_080511Scooter does not understand.

My wife thinks it is a great day to be outside too. She wants me to dig out the camper, so we can head for Port Aransas, Tx.

20190224_080335Just getting to the snowblower means digging through four foot drifts.

20190224_081555Our road didn’t look too bad. Until we encountered a six foot drift.

20190224_081703At least the sun is shining, but don’t be fooled. The wind is gusting up to 40 mph dropping the windchill to -15°F.

20190224_081709More winter scenes

20190224_083809It might be a good time to knock down the hornet nest in the milk house. I doubt they will be out and about but I am not sure I want to climb over drifts to get there.

And here are sun dogs from earlier this winter – just because.



Update: No one is going to work this morning.  MNDOT has locked the blizzard gates and piled up snow to block the entrance ramps to I-90 and I-35 in our region.  It is strictly no-go.  The National Guard has been called up to rescue stranded drivers and assist in 911 calls.

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