A Cacophony With Coffee

It was so quiet here this morning.

So peaceful…

…that I took a mug of coffee outside to enjoy the sunrise through the mist.

I don’t know who began the cacophony, perhaps the rooster who lives on the sheep farm across the way or maybe the sheep themselves – but soon the quiet was shattered by the shriek of cranes in the Minnesota Mosquito Refuge and the screech of pheasants along Five Drunk Creek – not to be outdone, the cattle up the road commenced to bellow and the donkeys who share their field brayed in harmony.  Lastly, my dog Scooter joined the choir.

So my wife and I took a walk up the road.

The pond is still flooded – but you can hardly see it through the fog, though it might not be fog, it could be mosquitoes.  They do get that thick.

Here is a photo of daffodils – just because.

And this is my latest project, the fire pit.   I will have to gather and stack more stones – but it is serviceable as is.

It is one of my many, many projects, some assigned by nature, some assigned by spouse and others foolishly self-assigned, so my posting will be light for the month of May.


Update: I had planned to begin installing a pump and waterfall for the pond today but as you can see we have a flooding problem.  The bridge should be two feet above the water. Scooter is doing his best to drain off the excess.

The dock was beached a week ago.

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