What To Do When It’s Too Wet To Harvest?

I got a call.

No, not from Stan.

It came from the farm where I have been working in the scale house, weighing in trucks and recording the moisture content of the grain.

I was told it is too wet to harvest.

Fall is like that.  You plan on farming but nature has other ideas and all too often if it isn’t nature, it is a break-down that leaves you with a nothing-to-do day.

So what to do?

Hmmm…. Let’s start with Honey Crisp apples from the tree we planted three years ago.


And wash them up in the sink.


and cut out the cores.


Do you see where we are going with this?


Let’s not keep you in suspense.  We’re talking apple crisp.


Yes, fresh out of the oven apple crisp.  One pan for me, one to share.  Uh-huh, the one to share pan is the smaller one.


It’s the kind of thing that can make you pray for rain – but what to do with the tomatoes?

Hmmmm…. home-made spaghetti sauce?


If it ever stops raining, I might get back into my scale house. When that happens my posting here will become light. Last year, we did not finish until shortly before Thanksgiving.

I hope we have better weather this year.

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