Welcome to Subway

jean_victor_balin_sandwich_one“Welcome to Subway; can I take your order?”

“Sure, I’d like a roast-beef on wheat; six inch.”

“What kind of bread?”


“What kind of sandwich?”

“Roast beef.”

“Six inch?”


“What kind cheese?”




“What do you want on that?”

“Lettuce, tomato…”

“We’re out of tomato.”

“You’re kidding?”


“Could someone go to the supermarket next door and get some? I’ll wait.”

“It don’t work that way at Subway.”


“What else do you want on your sandwich?”


“We’re out of tomato.”

“Okay, green peppers and onion.”

“What sauce?”

“No sauce.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes – and an M&M cookie.”

“What kind?”



“I only have five dollars.”


“You don’t have tomato, I don’t have change. Sounds like a wash to me.”

“It don’t work that way at Subway.”

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